The season’s are changing here at Gurl headquarters and we’re all feeling like we want to completely revamp our closets. We’re all also feeling like we’ve got zero dollars to do that. So, we turned to Jamie to get some fashiony ways to freshen up our wardrobe without spending big bucks. And of course Jamie didn’t disappoint. (She never does.) She showed us how to dip dye so we can turn any boring piece of white clothing into a bright and fun new look.

What are you going to dip dye? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatar mom2007 says:

    can u color dye ur pants?

  2. avatar miss mary says:

    jamie rockssss!!1

  3. avatar Grant Clifford says:

    Yay! That was so fun! ::)

  4. avatar jennifer says:

    jamie has done it again :)

  5. avatar alison says:

    can you please try to do a video about how to make your own winter hat?????????????

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