What do guys really think about a girl’s body? When you strip down for some serious hooking up, what is going on in your guy’s head? Are you and your guy even focused on the same parts of your body? We’ve been wondering these questions for a while, so we sent Kate and Mari to the infamous red couch to get us some answers about what dudes really think about the female body. And as usual, these two didn’t disappoint. Lots of info on what dudes really think of your body when you hit play!

Were you surprised by his answer? Do you care what guys think about your body? Tell us in the comments!

Do Blue Balls Really Hurt?!

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  • Marlina1

    When was he gonna take the picture off?!

    • Marlina1


  • ygy

    so fake!

  • Leaa

    He seems like a really nice guy and I really like what he likes in a girl

  • lawri123