Guys, I have to confess something: I have a little bit of a mean streak. And by that I mean that I really, really enjoy watching people and animals get scared. I don’t know why, because I hate getting scared myself, but it’s just so funny to see how they react! Whenever I accidentally scare my cat or dog, I can’t help but laugh at them afterwards even though I also feel sort of bad about it.

So obviously I am kind of obsessed with this video of a very surprised baby red panda. Baby red pandas are cute enough on their own, so who knew they could get even cuter when scared? You have to watch this – it will make you smile and then it will make you want to cuddle with that baby red panda until he’s not scared anymore. Sorry in advance since you can’t do that:

What’s your favorite animal video? What’s your favorite animal? Do you also love watching people get scared? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Nurat

    My favourite animal video is tom n jerry. I love cat most in every animal cos it allways look awsome. I like watchin people get scared its just very funny