Three’s a crowd when it comes to crushes. And when the third person in your crush trio is your bestie, it’s not only crowded, it’s dramatic. So, no wonder a girl sent Sara a question about how to handle liking the same crush as your bestie. Sara’s got some great advice on dealing with this crush triangle, so hit play and see what she has to say.

Have you and your best friend ever crushed on the same person? Tell us what happened in the comments!

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  • Ash

    I gave a guy my number, he never texted or called me… what now?

  • jamiee33

    one time my friend n i liked the same guy, actually it was more she likde him and he liked me, and we fell in love then he kinda broke my heart. so moral of the story is no guys worth it

  • Isabel

    Well, that’s just happening to me right now, but the problem is that my bff doesnt know that I like HIM too!
    In my opinion, I should let him decide, because if I really love him, that means I want the best for him, so if what he wants is my bff, I’ll let him go. But if he likes me… I just hope my bff understands and thinks the same.
    This is just soooo complicated!!!