Justin Bieber was videotaped stopping traffic to confront some paparazzi who were following him. And despite the fact that I love myself some Bieber, I can’t help but think he was being a teensy bit bratty in this video. Look Justin, I get it. Paparazzi are annoying and I’m sure they’ve been following you everywhere lately with all of your Selena dramz. But all of those innocent people behind you, waiting at a dead stop while you try to prove a point? They didn’t do anything. So while I totally applaud you for standing up to the evil paparazzi (I don’t know how any celeb deals with them), maybe next time do it when you’re not causing traffic jams. Watch for yourself:

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  • Katie

    We all know Justin is a person just like you and me, yes, but I mean C’MON! This is him being a little b-word. How self absorbed do you have to be to stop traffic on a busy street to confront a paparazzi about their career choice? Dealing with the paparazzi is one of the downsides of being incredibly rich and famous.

  • heather

    he is a human, but so is everyone else. he is fortunate enough to have a ton of money, friends and a long lasting career. there are people way worse of than him, he needs to respect people like he did before he became famous!

  • basschick

    i’ll admit. i do not like justin’s music. at all. but wtf guys? really? he is human! just because he is a celeb does not give you the right to do that. it IS stalking! … and CREEPY!