This week Kristina is trying her hand, er, actually, her feet, at high heels. To you heel wearers out there, this may not sound like much of a feat, but let me tell you from a flats-only girl’s perspective, heels are scary. It’s a feet feat! This might be one of the most daring things Kristina’s tried yet! Check out how she fairs. (Spoiler alert: It’s not graceful.)

Are you good at wearing heels? Does the idea of walking in high heels freak you out? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jason

    That was cool u did great in heels!

  • Laurence

    I’m really short, like only 154cm, and I’m so glad that my mom finally let me buy a pair of three-inch heels. (Still learning to walk in them…)

  • Anonymous

    I’m 5’3 so I might need to start wearing heels at some point (if only I can get my mom to agree). :/