Who else watched the 2012 American Music Awards last night? While I mostly enjoyed the show, I found a lot of the performances to be a little lackluster – with the exception of Pink, No Doubt, Ke$ha and, of course, my man Justin Bieber. Maybe it’s because I miss the days when artists like Britney Spears and NSYNC got up on stage and actually danced instead of just walking around singing. But anyway, my favorite performance of the night was definitely PSY performing “Gangnam Style” with special surprise guest MC Hammer. This was the only performance of the night that got everyone out of their seats, singing, dancing, laughing and just having an awesome time – that kind of energy should have been there for every performance! Watch this and get ready to fight the urge to jump up and dance along because this was seriously amazing… and then let us know what you think!

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  • matt

    I completely agree; Pink was terrible, Carly Rae looked confused, and Taylor Swift always sounds the same. I LOVED the mash-up of PSY and MC though, and thought it was the perfect blend of past and current pop sensations! I actually dressed as MC Hammer for Halloween when I was a kid, and went as PSY for Halloween this year; I don’t know what that means, but it was a funny coincidence for me! The dance was hilarious AND talented. I was working late last night at DISH, but my Hopper recorded the awards automatically with PrimeTime anytime. I get every PT show from all four major networks recorded nightly, which is a huge convenience. I had even forgotten the awards were last night, but it was nice coming home to find it on my DVR!