Sometimes I come across pictures of kittens that are so cute I want some sort of machine that will allow me to go inside of my computer and steal those kittens and bring them home. I’m sorry that sounds completely insane, but it’s true. Actually, I wish I had that machine for a lot of things. Can you imagine how amazingly perfect that would be?

Anyway, this video was one of those times. I was innocently scrolling through the web, looking for stuff to write about, when I came across this video of kittens watching tennis. Yes, I’ll admit that the title doesn’t sound too exciting. But then I pressed play and I literally could not look away. I mean, these are two of the cutest kittens ever in the history of kittens and I’ll watch them watch anything as long as they stay that adorable.

What’s your favorite animal video? What did you think of this one? Tell me in the comments!


Proof that cats inspired emoticons

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  • Indigo

    They are SO cute!!!!! I watched it and I was like, this is adorable! I showed it to my mom and my brother and my dad and my grandma- they all cracked up! I love how their heads are moving in the same direction. They’re like identical twins!