Sara’s been giving tons of advice on how to convince parents to let you do something and this week, she’s got another helpful parent how to—getting them to let you wear make up! A.K.A., the parental compromise gateway drug. (We just made that up, but it totally works. Spread it around.) So hit play if you want some help convincing Mom and Dad that it’s time for you to step it up in the make up department.

Are your parents cool with you wearing makeup? If yes, how’d you convince them? Tell us in the comments!

How To Convince Mom And Dad You’re Old Enough To Date!

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  • madison loman

    My Dad Freaks When He Sees Me Ware Make Up
    But ………My Mom Dont Care
    And I Have a Question About How Do I Know Im
    Ready To Have Sex.:) 🙁

  • Kalie

    My dad is very overprotective when it comes to me wearing makeup. He freaks out when I wear mascara. And I’m in 8th grade. All my friends wear make and in not aloud to. My dad say the lightest color eyeshadow I have(which is really light, pale skin color) is too dark! It’s pathetic! I’m sick of it! Lol

  • bethdublin

    My mum and dad don’t care, I just gradually introduced it bit by bit:)

  • Katelynn

    How do you know if a boy likes you or if you like him

    • emily h

      They may talk about you so have them tell you that they like you its easier to find out that way