Disney and Barney’s New York created an “Electric Holiday” video, and I don’t really know how to feel about it. The video starts off really cute, with Minnie Mouse going to what looks like Paris Fashion Week, surrounded by some of our favorite Disney characters, top fashion editors and posh fashion designers. You see Disney characters getting their hair and makeup done, looking totally normal… and then the fashion show starts, and they’re transformed. They go from our old lovable, cuddly characters to tall, stick-thin model versions of themselves. And it’s like, this is such a cute idea, why do they have to ruin it by changing the way these characters look? I love animation, I love the glamour and I love the characters – but I also feel like that whole transformation thing is a little too creepy. Watch for yourself and let us know what you think:

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  • Deja

    That was boring wast of time

  • daisha

    I love this video so much. Its full of such great fashion, style, good people, pictures,and love. I wish the world was like this just know drama. That would make a good world or i should say a good Paris. Ha I love this video so much this is a really good video very cute and to me it’s not creepy at all.

  • onyxruby7

    I don’t think it’s bad at all-I thought it was cute! You see, Minnie was daydreaming all that! When she was looking at that dress, she was imagining herself in Paris and also of being a runway model and modeling that dress with her closest Disney friends-and Tinkerbell magically transformed her and the other Disney characters into runway models(who, let’s be honest, are really skinny)! Then she woke up from that dream and she discovers that Mickie bought her that dress. When she tries the dress on, she is happy and confident to be wearing that dress with her own body! Therefore, I don’t think this video is bad at all-just a whimsical, innocent and cute video. 🙂

  • lulu

    the characters that appear at the end look much more cute in their outfitts that the one’s that were in the runway!!

  • Briana

    I think it’s cute. I like to think that minnie was imagining herself as being a skinny ass model wearing that dress, but then Mickey buys her the dress and says see you dont have to be a stick to wear it. youre beautiful the way you are

  • Sydney

    That was so weird!!

  • Genny

    Dude…they all look really retarded and its all Tinkerbell’s fault!

  • anonymous

    i really liked it elegant you don’t know style

  • Poppy

    Making them tall and skinny gives off the illusion to little kids that they have to grow up and be like that. They should’ve just kept the characters normal.

  • Danielle

    This actually has a lot of hidden messages, not creepy sexual ones(although this is creepy) that Disney is “known” for, but it suggests what women think of when they see a new line of clothes. The fact that they are creepy looking could be the fact that models aren’t that pretty(most of the time), yet we all strive to be one of them. Models are looked in this society as sex gods yet they lack a butt/hips and boobs that guys “want”, so its a contradiction. And male models are considered sex gods as well, with biceps and a six pack, yet a lot of men don’t have them, so they are making the point that people are trying to reach the expectation that the majority of people can make. The daydream is really her deepest desire–to be a model– is to live to the society’s standards of unhealthy living. The fact that it started out cute could be the representation of every “cute” girl and her desire to be “hot” and do anything to become that expectation. In the end when mickey comes with the dress its saying that if a guy truly loves you, you are always a model to him or that maybe being imperfect is perfect to someone else and you don’t need to change.

  • boomtiing_ox

    Making them skinny was SOO uneccessary and they look frigign weird!

  • Lentil soup

    I loved it until they skinnied up everyone! What the heck?!