Do you have a holiday list? Have you checked it twice? Well, if your list is long (and with friends, family, teachers, your crush, and the Starbucks guy who gives you an extra shot of espresso for free, whose list isn’t long?) you’re probably looking for a not so spendy way to check everyone off. Well, Jamie to the holiday rescue. She’s got the cutest tea cup candle idea that’ll make for a great gift and only cost a couple bucks a pop!

Do you love candles as much as we do? Would you make this cute gift for the holidays this year? Tell us everything in the comments!

This Bracelet Is Another Awesome DIY Gift!

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  1. avatar Tiffany says:

    Jamie can u get any better. U r the most awesomest gurl ever.

  2. avatar An says:

    This isn’t that good the burning time is 5:00

  3. avatar Breanna says:

    You are awesome! Can you please do a video on how to make a desk organizer, or a pencil case with secret components?Thanks

  4. avatar Grant Clifford says:

    Love it! I am making these for my friend who’s hosting us for Thanksgiving this year! I will tweet you pics of mine when I do them next week! :)

  5. avatar jennifer says:

    awesome i will use this for chritmas and thanksgiving PS jamie rocks

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