Here’s a question I’ve always wondered: where did Internet smiley faces come from? I mean, who decided to start combining different keys to make little faces, otherwise known as emoticons? I’m not complaining about them, because I might use them in every text I send, but I’m just wondering.

Well, my question has been answered… sort of. I don’t know who started this awesome trend, but I do know what inspired it: cats! Duh. Cats inspire pretty much everything. In case you’re not convinced, Buzzfeed has helpfully put together a little guide to show you the true inspiration behind some of our favorite emoticons. You’ll never look at a simple little smiley face again without thinking of these pictures, I promise:

Do you use emoticons a lot? Which of these comparisons is your favorite? What’s your favorite animal video? Tell us in the comments!


Watch this super-cat open the door for a bunch of puppies

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  • artgal456

    That was so cute! I like the 🙂 one! 2 awesome!