This week Sara’s got a question in from a very distraught girl. She’s got a crush on a guy, but everyone else says the dude is gay. She’s wondering, what should she do? Is he gay for real? Is he not? Of course, Sara has some really helpful advice for this girl and anyone in this crush situation.

Have you ever crushed on a guy and then realized he was gay? Do you have gay friends? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Amy

    Can I ask a question regarding this gay matter? Can we turn our guy gay crush back to a normal I mean can we turn him into a normal and straight feelings man? According to the normal way a man who gets attracted to a women? Look I know it’s easy to say that to forget your first crush but it gets really hard to forget them:'(literally I can’t stand it when I am near him (I hope you understand what I mean?) Can we change that person?

  • Anonymous

    My crush is probably even more attracted to boys than I am. I’ve known he was gay for quite a while, so instead of trying to get him to like me (which of course would never work), I tried to become his friend instead, which worked. It’s great having a gay friend and I’m hoping it’ll help the crush I have on him go away.

  • Emily pike

    I have a huuuuuuuuuge crush and I mean huge crush on a youtuber who’s screen name is MicTheMicrpohoneZero. I have no actual contact with him but He’s super funny and cute. But I heard he had an ex boyfriend. And that he’s gay. I heard this from 4 different sources. I heard this all about an hour ago. He only seems to reply to dudes on his forum. Naturally my heart is breaking as we speak, which is why I’m here in the first place. What do you do when your gay crush is a celebrity?

  • ANON

    What do i do? He DOESNT want to break up until he is sure….

  • Nicole

    I’ve had a crush on one of my guy best friends for nearly 8 years now. I never told him how i felt because I’ve always feared that it would ruin our friendship. However this was the year I was going to tell him how I felt I would wait till new years and when the clock stroked midnight I’d go for the kiss and tell him how I’ve felt for him for so many years. But tonight he pulled me into his car because he said he needed somewhere private to talk everything he was going to tell me was completely serious and he asked me not to laugh. What I had thought he was going to tell me was way unexpected.. turns out the guy whom I always thought I’d marry, whom I’ve been infatuated with is actually gay. I was privilaged that he trusted me with that sort of news, but at the same time i was also heart broken.

  • Anna

    I have been talking to this guy for over 5 months he told me the second month that he liked me but couldn’t date me because he is my mentor. We became really close and everything. I found him on a website saying he is bisexual and someone found his profile the other day and he says that its not his profile that someone made up one of him. I know its not true because I talked to him two years ago on the same profile. He doesnt’ know that I know hes bi. anyways back to the part we became closer, we were hanging out every weekend and he would text me all day long everyday and would throw a fit if we couldn’t talk or see each other. But now he won’t hardly hang, barely texts me, and the only time he flirts now is during school o and hes been going to this certain town every weekend now. I dont’ know what to do!!

  • Ayva Leeann

    Hey girl,I used to be in a situation kinda like that. It all begun when this guy started to talk to me one day,we already knew eachother,just havent really talked. I already knew he was gay.because him and my best friend are really good friends. He told her before me. One day while we were all hanging out with eachother (before we really talked) she accidently said in front of me and him that he is gay. So he told me himself that he is gay. (this was kinda before he came out of the closet.) So back to the day we started talking… We were talking for a while about music and other stuff. I had a really good time. During while we were hanging out,he touched my arm and I felt something,but shrugged it off as nothing because I knew he was gay. So after he left from us hanging out,I started thinking about him,but I knew he was gay so was telling my self “no” to my feelings. So a few day after that,my best friend (the same one) him and I hung out the whole day and he told us he is bisexual,but likes guys more than girls. So my friend and I were freaking out because he is very cute. So after the day ended I couldn’t him off my mind,couldn’t wait to see him again. And It was like that for a week,I had huge crush on him. But I told myself “no and eww” it would never happen because I’m three years older than him. He already hit puberty and really haven’t hit puberty yet. So it was like that for a week but not anymore. I still have a little crush on him,but it’s not that bad. So now I don’t have a big crush on him anymore. We are friends now.

  • Cheyenne

    I like this guy, and he likes me. We talk, we flirt, but this relationship isn’t getting anywhere? Why won’t ask me out?

    • Emily pike

      Maybe he’s just not looking for a relationship.