Kristina isn’t embarrassed to admit that sometimes she finds it tough to squeeze in the time to work out. And we don’t blame her. She’s a busy girl. And we’re guessing so are you. That’s why we set Kristina on a mission to find the world’s most fun way to exercise. What she came back with? Hula hooping! We’re so pumped to learn how to do it!

Do you know how to hula hoop? Do you have any tricks you could share with people trying to learn? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Amber Russell

    I’m a big fan of hula hooping. I like to make a game of it while watching my favorite shows to see how long I can go before dropping it. My record is an hour+, but I wasn’t doing any fancy moves like in the video. I’d like to learn how to incorporate some of these more technical moves. *crosses fingers*

  • Justin T

    Try roller derby! Seatles leauge is the Rat City Roller Derby.