I’ll admit it: I’m a little bit addicted to Pinterest. When I first heard of the site, I was skeptical. I wondered, “how can this be any better than my beloved Tumblr?” I ignored my friend’s constant requests to join and stayed loyal to my Tumblr blog, refusing to join in on the Pinsanity that was occurring all around me.

Then one day, I decided to try it. It started out innocently… until I found an amazing eye makeup tutorial. Then I started pinning a little bit more. I found countless amazing recipes and these amazing hair ideas I never would have thought of. I started repinning obsessively. And suddenly, I found myself wanting to scroll through Pinterest every minute of the day I was on the computer.

So, um, I can kind of totally relate to this video. Okay, so I don’t stash mason jars in my room or make clothes out of burlap… but if I could, maybe I would. You never know.

Are you addicted to Pinterest? Do you like Pinterest or Tumblr better? If your family was going to preform an intervention on you, what would it be for? Tell me in the comments!



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  • Lily

    For some reason, addicting things like that just freak me out. Like, it just makes me feel weird when people hoard or do stuff like that like their wasting tons of stuff. I don’t know, it makes me uncomfortable just seeing anything like it. I know, I’m weird 🙂

  • immulaCaupe

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