You met a guy you like! And he likes you back! And he asked you out! Could this be going any better? Um, well, yeah. Like maybe if your parents would actually let you go on a date. Well, have no fear. Sara’s here with some expert tips on how to convince your parents that you’re old enough to be dating so you can step out with that cutie!

Do your parents have rules about how old is old enough to date? Are you allowed to date yet? If yes, when did your parents let you start dating? Tell us in the comments!

Here’s How To Get Your Parents To Like Your Guy

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  • Taylor

    I’m 13 and my parents are fine that I’m dating they just always say your gonna get pregnant and raped when my bf is not even into that and neither am I all I want is to hang out but they think I will get raped

  • Thaine

    I’m 14 and my parents think almost every guy I talk to is my boyfriend

  • Swanky Anon

    so I’m fifteen, almost sixteen, and my parents still don’t want me dating. They said years ago that I could once I was in high school, but now they say no because of what I want for my future. The other day, a guy I really like told me he liked me, but I’m worried my parents won’t let me date him. He is intelligent, kind, funny, & responsible, but I’m worried my parents still won’t understand. I’m also very mature for my age. Any ideas on what to do, because I’m completely lost?

  • Cam

    I’m turning fifteen and my mom doesn’t even let me outside to hang with friends. I have two main friends that live near (a whole lot live near my school, far) but they have lives and it sucks. I’m just confused. It’s not like I am doing what she was doing at thirteen!

    • Elena

      Tell me about it I’m 14 and my moms the same way. She wouldn’t even let me go to the school carnival or homecoming game with my friends :/ and she told me to wait till I’m 17 to date because that when she dated my dad and it sucks. Especially when you see all your friends and their boyfriends together at school and you’re just there like a loner .

  • Casey

    I’m 14 and I’m not even allowed allowed to have a guy as a friend 🙁 I hate it when my parents say I’m too young because it’s not like I’m going to get pregnant! I literally want to go to the movies and have some fun. You’re only young once!

  • J.J

    My mom won’t let me have a boyfriend and i just turned 15 yesterday she told me i could start when i was 15 and a guy asked me out (Joe) and she said no my aunt says that 15 is a good age, i told her about him and that he wants to meet them but she said no and when she was 15 she was already sneaking out to party’s!!
    Do You guys think 15 is a good age to start dating???
    Do you think 15 is

  • Breshana

    I’m 13 n my mom won’t let me have a boyfriend. I asked her and she thinks I’m not responsible enough for one. What do you think??

    • Betty

      Breshana, when your 13 you truly haven’t matured. This does not mean that you are reckless or foolish it just means you are not prepared for some things. If you act responsible with the decision you made she will see that you are mature. I would wait another year or two so your mom can see that you are not a child anymore. You acted responsible with her decision and now are ready to take the responsibility of a relationship. Good Luck!

  • Shardashia

    My mom wont let me have a boyfriend i think that because of her pass & she ended up pregnant , but my auntie says she should at least let me have one at the age of 14 which is in two more months because at that age my mom use to sneak & go see her boyfriends but at the same time my sister is 16 & just now able to date but i guess um going to give y’all the update in 2 more months when i turn 14 !!