You met a guy you like! And he likes you back! And he asked you out! Could this be going any better? Um, well, yeah. Like maybe if your parents would actually let you go on a date. Well, have no fear. Sara’s here with some expert tips on how to convince your parents that you’re old enough to be dating so you can step out with that cutie!

Do your parents have rules about how old is old enough to date? Are you allowed to date yet? If yes, when did your parents let you start dating? Tell us in the comments!

Here’s How To Get Your Parents To Like Your Guy

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  1. avatarskye says:

    Hey, I’m 13 and I like this guy (mark) that is 15 and he likes me ….. we are going out next week somewhere .. he told his dad and mum about me but I don’t know how to tell my dad about him plz I need help ….

  2. avatarLuna says:

    A few years ago my mum said I could date someone if I knew them for 3+ years. She changed her mind and doesnt want me todate at all. She said dating is preparing for marriage. But I want a bf/gf. How could I hide him/her from my mum? Oh, and I just turned 15.

  3. avatarTannar says:

    Hi I’m 16 and my parents always said I was allowed to date once I turned 16. This week I asked them to go on my first date with permission. They said they’d want to meet the guy first to see if they approve and invited him to dinner tonight. I’m really nervous because I don’t really know the guy very well myself and my parents want to meet him. I’m also very nervous

  4. avatarguen says:

    Hello im guen 15 years old asian
    I really like him but i think my parents dont want me to date anyone i want to tell them about this but im feeling nervous of what they said.
    What should i do ? Am i young enough to have a boyfriend ?

    • avatarJ says:

      There is a need of change in your family. 15 is a year past the normal dating age. If you really, like, have this guy on your mind everyday, go for it. I suggest you talk to your mom. They have the power against your dad. Your at at the perfect age for dating actually. Only do this if he likes you too though. Don’t do what my sister did.

  5. avatarRebecca says:

    Ok so I just recently turned 13 and i really like this boy and I even think my parents do let me date but not kiss and stuff. But there’s a small problem he’s kinda of a bad boy…he has a earring and my parents don’t like piercings of any type only if it’s an earring on a girl. And he’s also 1year older than me so my parents think that any guy that’s my age or slightly older than me only thinks about sex. Yes me and my parents have had the talk about 2 Years ago. But how do I get them to accept him? I really like him. And I think he’s likes me back:)

    • avatarKatie says:

      Hm. If you have good grades, and possibly a side job like a babysitter or sometbing, you could bring that up.(obviously you don’t have a job, but even starting up something like babysitting can show your parents you are responsible) Responsibility is huge, which is why it goes along with good grades. If you can show your parents you have matured to the point of having excellent responsibility, they will respond better. Also, don’t bring up the earring or “bad boy” rep. It’ll make him look bad and decrease your chances of being able to date him. Lastly, make sure he introduces himself to your parents.( i recommend a firm handshake and the use of “sir” every once in a while(; this will help him look better to your parents and make you look like you are making good choices.) have fun! -katie(:

  6. avatarLiana says:

    I am going on my first date with a girl i like soon but I don’t know how to break it to my parents. They haven’t even discussed when I’m allowed to start dating and the fact that were both girls just makes it seems like they’ll except it less. I really like her but I haven’t known her that long so we’re just trying it out but I still want to tell my parents because I really like her. I’m not particularly close to my parents but I think they trust me

    • avatarLiana says:

      And I just wanted to add that my parents wouldn’t allow me to go out without an adult present so if I don’t tell them I won’t be able to date her plus I’m 13 and she’s 15.

  7. avatarEmma says:

    Alright, so my name is Emma and I’m 13. So, I like this guy, and he’s very sweet and amazing and cute and he’s overall a great guy. And I think he actually likes me back. But I have two problems. I’m in 7th grade, and so is my crush. But he’s 11. He skipped a couple of grades, but he is very mature. And my other problem is my parents. Especially my dad. Dating is nothing new, but my parents almost found out and it scared the living heck out of me. And with Nate, the guy I like, I’m pretty serious about. I really truly like him. But my parents wont let me date. What do I do?

  8. avatarCherry says:

    I’m 13 the guy I like is only 20 days older than me! I’ve known him for 6 years. Ive liked him for almost 3 years now. I’m Asian/Scottish he’s English but we go to the same high school and leave near each other. We bonded for a while. Then he started ignoring me. Now he started talking to me again. Does he like me?

  9. avatarCoastori says:

    I’m 13 and Asian.This guy I’ve been crushing on since I was 10 recently became my boyfriend.We’re both in elite schools opposite each other,all boys and all girls.I haven’t told my parents…they already told me when I turned 12 they only wanted me to date at 18…my grades are terrible only because I’m lazy,this guy always regarded as a best guy friend crushed on me…and I’m not quite sure whether my BF’s all that interested in me…we’re so awkward around each other.I haven’t gone one the first date with him yet.I really like or even love him…he doesn’t me though.
    How to keep interest in me in BF and Inform parents without their freaking out?

    • avatarCherry says:

      Be mature. Do the chores, do your homework, be helpful, get good grades, my friend used this tactic and it worked, with amazing results!

  10. avatarJamia says:

    So I’m 13 just turned 13 and my parents are thinking about letting me date but my father is saying that we have to have the talk first and he has to meet him before I go on my first official date and idk what to talk about and I’m so scared

  11. avatarMackenzie says:

    So my dad is super overprotective and barely even lets me hang out with anyone that doesnt go to my church. He is all about God and being a good christian. He treats me like a child even though im 15. I want to start hanging out with boys and dating. I have a certain guy in particular. How do i talk to my dad about this??

    • avatarJazmin says:

      Talk to your mom first and then maybe she can talk to your dad, or maybe even an aunt or something. Women are the best way to get to a man’s mind!! :)

  12. avatarAlexis,Wright says:

    Hey guys!
    So I’m 15, and im in love with a boy named Johnny Patillo well were inlove we’ve been together two years and he lives in west palme beach fl, im in Jacksonville fl, anway I’ve been keeping this away from everyone except my sisters they all know and they really think he’s good for me,…how do i break this to my family? help~?~

  13. avatarMorgan says:

    How can I get my parents to go easyier on me when I tell them

  14. avatarshelbe says:

    How do I tell my mom I like someone,and I would like to go on a group date with them,what if they feel uncomfortable ans say no to get out of that position?

  15. avatarAngelica says:

    I’m almost 16 and my parents won’t let me go on a date alone with a guy I’ve been dateing for 3 months! I have an older sister and she had pre-martial sex when she was my age and they think if they let me go on a date I’m gonna get pregnant! It’s not fair and I want to show them that I am responsible enough to let me go on a date!! My parents are strict!! I appreciate all they let me do but I want to do more! I tried doing stuff around the house but still nothing!! Tell me how I should convince them of letting me go? I need help bad!!

  16. avatarTavi says:

    yea im not allowed to date either. I have to focus on my school work first

  17. avatarmaliy says:

    my mom says i have to be out of college to be able to start dating and i kinda agree with her because im kinda scared to start dating now and even tho a few guys have asked me out i just took a really long time to answer back and tell them what it was. i think i want one but ill lay off till college

  18. avatarRoni says:

    How do I tell my mom to stop trying to get in my sex? Because I don’t have one and if I did should I tell her if I did would she think I’m different?

  19. avatarAngel N. says:

    I am 18 now, and i am still not allowed to date. Once I go off to college will be the first time I will be able to date.

  20. avatarYaslin says:

    My parents actually said I had to be atleast 15 in order to start dating. Turns out that I’m 13 and already have a boyfriend of 11 months and my parents know about it! The way this worked was by introducing my boyfriend to my parents as my FRIEND first. Once I knew they enjoyed his company and accepted him, I just knew it would be the perfect time to let them know we’ve been dating.

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