We don’t have to tell you that Kristina’s no girlie girl, but who doesn’t want a smoother, softer, more facial-ed looking face? No one, right? So, Kristina set off to figure out how to give herself a facial and skip those super pricey spa packages. Want to see how it worked out? You’re going to have to watch!

Have you ever tried an at home facial? What do you think about this avocado facial? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Alison

    I make egg white and brown sugar facials a bunch 🙂

  • jemanjii

    I get masks from my local apothecary. they mix all natural face masks and are much more creative then i could be bothered… for like fifteen bucks i walk away with enough mix for 4 masks and so i’m good for a month where i get a new recipe fav is chocolate or mint chocolate

  • Mari

    We love Kristina! <3

  • Isabelle

    I love this video! She is really funny, I can’t wait for more videos from her!