You had the big meet-n-greet between your BF and your parents. You prepped, you planned, you plotted . . . and then it didn’t go so well. Your parents just aren’t as in love with your boy and you are. How can you change that? Sara’s got some tips that could help in this very sticky situation.

Have you ever introduced a guy to your parents? Do you have tips on how you can make your parents like him? Tell us in the comments!

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  • missmystery

    hey, im only 13 but there is this guy I really like but my parents don’t because his second impression wasn’t good and it was my fault on that but he’s really sweet and why is because when my parents put me down he tries and builds me back up but its hard I really really like him but its hard to have my parents like him I mean he makes me really really happy and well ive tried but its hard to stay away from him and lately ive been way down in the dirts cause of summer vacation not able to see him or barely getting to talk to him I really need help on this and my parents aren’t actually my parents its my aunt and her boyfriend they took me in when I was 11 and I respect what they said but they never I mean never asked me how I feel or care to understand how I feel help pleeaassee…..

  • Jahquae

    hey, i have a problem, what if your man and mom had alittle falling out.? how would i get my mom to like him again??