It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . for candy. And, come on, do you really judge times of year by anything else? Weather? I mean, give me a break! Jamie’s got a craft made out of her favorite fall candy—candy corn! It’s cute and you can eat while you work. Does crafting get any better? (Spoiler alert: It does not!)

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Do you love candy corn? Would you wear this bracelet? Tell us in the comments!

Here’s Another Cute Bracelet Idea!

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  • Anonymous

    jamie your mai fav host and ca u please teach me how to decorate a room and i mean easy cause mai room is plain ;p

  • Sasha B.

    Can you do a D.I.Y with gummy bears?! Because I have a whole 5 pound bag, and don’t know what to do with it at all!! :/

    • Kaitlynn

      1) make a room decoration by sewing them througt the heads to the bottoms together with rainbow thread and hang on a door by tying each string to a long rod or something and its a cute decoration for anywhere in your room (behind the bed, over a window curtain, over a door entrance like an open closet, etc.). you could even cover them in glue and glitter to make it and a great eye-catcher when someone come into your room. you could probaly even add wooden or colorful glitter beads or something bright to make it stnad out more
      2)you could even just sew them with elastic to make a cute bracelet like jamie did with this candy corn
      3) buy a solid color lamp shade and glue them onto that all around 🙂
      4) sew through one of em, then tie the string around a pencil
      5) get one of those clear orbs you can buy at a craft store and fill it with gummies and tie with a string to use as a christmas ornament or as a door hanger
      6) glue them to a clock like jamie did with those flowers in her Do It, Gurl- make you own clock video
      7) buy and earing set and hook em up with some gummy bears
      i could go one but here are a few idea to get you started 🙂 hope this helps

      • Sasha B.

        Thanks! 🙂 I will most definitely try these!!

      • caroline

        cool beans