We are so pumped Kristina Horner is on board. She’s here at Gurl to try new (kinda scary) things and tell us all about it. First up, longboarding. Kristina learns how to board from Dom “The H31P” Thomas, a longboarding pro. The results? Well, don’t want to spoil anything before you watch, but let’s just say, we might have the next longboarding gold medalist here…as long as the course is one baby sidewalk hill. She’s totally going to dominate. USA! USA! USA!

Have you ever tried longboarding? Do you think you’re better than Kristina? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • Athena

    I have been longboarding for 4 years now and my dad and I just recently started to make longboards. We press the wood ourselves. We even paint them ourselves. It became one of our passions for the summer when snowboard seasons only last like 3-4 months. I’ve had my share of eating pavement, broken wrist, and a confusion with a 2 hour hearing loss. I got in a street fight and the street won. But I still love doing it. Even if I’m regaining my stability. There is a certain freedom you feel going down a hill with the wind blowing all around you. There are also times when you feel like you’re about to meet your maker. Helmets are a must. I received a concussion with one on. It saved my life. So enjoy the ride but be safe while doing so. Live. Love. Longboard. <3

  • sarah

    i like her. can we keep her?

  • Kat

    Go Kristina!!!

  • Jett

    Ive been longboarding for 3 years now. I just started skateboarding. Ive been in like 3 ER accidents