Sara’s got another toughie of a question this week. You girls keep giving her real doozies! She’s talking about what to do when you like a guy who already has a girlfriend. Not an easy situation to be in and not easy advice to give. Next week, could someone ask her about her favorite ice cream flavor or something? She’s working so hard!

Have you ever liked a guy who already had a girlfriend? Tell us in the comments!

How Can You Choose Between Two Guys?

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  • Sydney

    I have a best friend who is a boy…. But their is a problem. His crush asked him out and she mean to me and everyone … Should I tell him how I feel……HELP!!

  • Jasmyne

    Right, so I’m the girl that has that one crush on a guy that nobody knows about. I’m not sure what to do because I’ve liked him for a year and can’t get over him. He gives me glances and smiles and talks to me a lot more than usual but I don’t want to end up having a guy friend that I have feelings for.. Things may be abit awkward. I was so close into having the confidence of telling one of my friends but I couldn’t in case they’d make fun of me because to them, I’m the type that doesn’t like boys…

  • Jasmin

    I like a guy and almost everyone knows, EVEN HIM!!!, but I don’t know if he wants to talk to me or if I am lost in the crowd. How do I get his attention?

  • mandesa

    I have the same problem. my bestfriend who i knew like for ever just told me he like me more then a friend but he has a girlfriend and i like him tow what do i did ?? help !!

    • Poppy_

      Don’t make him jealous. That’s the number one thing, just try make him notice you a bit more. Don’t ruin their relationship, try make him realise that your the one. I’m not saying change who you are, not for a guy. Just find what he likes and try adapt to that.
      Hope I could help x

  • The girl whit the same problem

    I have the same problem. I thought i had meet my one and only boy, but i don’t like this boy anymore. He was a player. And sorry for my bad english, cause i’m from another country. But now…A new boy was starting at my school and me have some school subjects whit each other. He’s in a class under me, but he’s really mature of his age. I mean…He’s not like other boys and…That’s maybe what makes him speciel to me. But…He allready has a girlfriend. She’s not on the school and – This sounds crazy – But we are flirting a little bit in the subjects we have. We are looking at eacthothers and today i was looking at him and then he turned around and caught me. It was really embarrassing, but you know – I maybe think he like me too, because he also looks at me. We smile to eachother and he’s very cute.

  • Lisa

    What should I do, because like no one like has a crush on me, and I feel really sad and not confident and really ugly a lot of the time. Help me please!

  • Harriet

    Hey, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I think that that’s a really important question!

  • Carla

    This happened to me while on a trip. It was cool. And I didn’t spend more than a day moping about it. I went out drinking because of this guy, with this guy. Say what? Yeah…

  • Ellie7

    There’s a boy who keeps talking to me and I quite like him and I know he likes me a lot.. the problem is I’m 15 and he’s 18:/ What should I do?

  • Kim

    I have a crush on a couple of guys in my school. They’re all really good guys and nice to me because we’re friends and all, but I want to ask one out. They are one of those really popular guys and I am popular but not like them.. I am pretty shy and I feel the only girls they want are the slutty and annoying girls in my school. I don’t have the guts to do it because I’m scared of getting my heart broken. I’m not going to change myself for them, but I do want to get their attentions. What should I do?

  • Alana

    I have a major crush on a guy. We’ve been close friends for years, but he stopped talking to me… He knows I like him, and there’s always awkward moments between us. A bunch of girls are after him. All the girls that have asked him out or told him they liked him have been rejected. I haven’t said anything(Feelings), but my close friend is going to make a move on him! What do I do!?

  • Charlotte

    I met this guy 6 months ago and starting liking him but after a few weeks of getting to know each other he strated ignoring me and its been like that ever since. Now he has a girlfriend but he’s started looking at me again I’m really confused what’s he doing?

  • Evelyn

    My crush likes another girl, but she had rejected him a lot of times. We would be so perfect together… I told him to forget her, but he won’t listen. And I just can’t stop thinking about him… what should I do?

  • Sophie

    Me and my friend both like the same guy, but my friend has the upper hand since one of the guys friends is trying to set them up, but I still like him.. what do I do?!

  • Brianna

    Ok so there’s this boy I like a lot and I know he likes me because he asked me out last year. I liked him last year too, but I told him I couldn’t go out with him because my parents won’t let me date until I’m 16. This year my crush is still looking at me and I give a little bit of glances too, but I’m just not old enough. Please help me with my bad romance.