This week, Sara has a question about rejection. Specifically, how do you reject a guy without hurting his feelings? Well, it turns out you can’t! Rejection plain old sucks, whether you’re a boy or a girl. But, Sara does have some tips on softening the blow and making the rejection go as smoothly as possible.

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What Should You Do When You Like Two Guys At Once?

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  1. avatar Brianna says:

    How do I get a guy to like, how can I flirt with him. Please help. Thanks!!!!

  2. avatar Ash says:

    how can i get my boyfriend to understand what i do and don’t like and how do i make him understand i dont like it when he hangs on me the entire time we hangout?

  3. avatar atlanta says:

    how can you deal with a guy if he broke up with you and 2 years later he wantsto win you back ?

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