We’ve been wondering . . . what is it with dudes and lesbians? Don’t they get that it’s straight girls who they have a chance with? Have you ever thought about that? Well, we hope so because you’re getting your answers, girl. Kate and Mari talk to the hilarious Naked Alex of Dr. CoolSex about the mysterious allure of lesbians and get all of the dude on girl on girl info you could want.

Do you get annoyed when straight girls pretend to be lesbians to get attention? Do you think guys’ fascination with lesbians is weird? Tell us in the comments!

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  • CerebralComa

    I’m definitely with the people who are saying the gURL isn’t LGBQ (I removed the T because it’s insulting to group being trans* with sexual orientations, not because I don’t support trans* people.) friendly anymore. Queer fetishization is NOT cool. It undermines the reality of non-heterosexual relationships by demeaning them as less than real.

  • Geoff the penguin

    I so have this conversation with my friends as we walk home from school and it always ends in us girls laughing and pretending to be lesbian and the boys peeing themselves with laughter.

  • bob

    i think we all know by now none of these guys are ever naked. Sometimes you can see the’r nune or white underwear. Besides, by the way they hold their signs and objects, you can tell because if they were naked, they would be flashing their goods to kate and mari. Even now, before you press play you can see the sign is at his knees, im just saying

  • Me

    O k

  • Jay

    I agree with Cat. Gurl,com used to be a place that helped gurls explore their sexualities and learn about their bodies and emotions. Now this site has become a sexist piece of crap. Ask a Naked Guy. SERIOUSLY. This site is all about how to catch, keep, and please a man. Instead of how to love yourself and be yourself like it used to be. What happened Gurl.com? You used to be cool.

  • Cat

    Whatever happened to the gurl.com that was LGBTQ friendly? Now you have a video with a hetero guy fetishizing queer women? This site has gone to the dumps.

    • A Girl

      dude, CHILL. its just a vid. what did u expect? this doesnt mean gurl.com isnt LGBTQ friendly so calm the heck down! gurl.com isnt going down the dumps, it rocks.