This week the fabulous Mari and Kate are digging for the naked truth on what dudes think about padded bras and sexy lingerie. They’ve invited Naked Ibn to the Ask A Naked Guy couch to figure out if guys really care about silky undies when they just end up in the floor anyway and if they’re ever bothered by padded bras. If you’ve ever wondered if wearing your wedgie thong is worth it, you definitely need to watch.

Do you ever wear a padded bra? Would you buy fancy lingerie to make a dude happy? Tell us in the comments!

What Do Dudes Really Think About Cheating?! We Found Out!

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  • Singeress

    So, do I wear a padded bra? Technically, no. I wear my push-up bras with daily, but I don’t wear the padded push-up bra. Although, Pushup bras have medium padding in it though, no matter what brand you buy, it’s how it works. I wear it for myself, but i still keep my cleavage covered, I just like the shape. Although, one of my “friends” called me a cheater and a porn star for wearing one. But I don’t care about what my “friend” thinks.

  • dumexcunc

  • ginaknome

    Mari has on such a cute outfit. He is so short lol and that rap he did goes hard…I know he gets alot of girls lol. That is like the best way to pick up girls lol.

  • kate

    You guys are truly being Percy by this. No normal person wants this crap about guys and their opinions/privates. As a normal girl, I just want advice about periods,crushes, and style tips. I’m asking everyone to got to girls, its got everything you want and none of this crap. Gets life

  • Sally

    gurl is so sickening with this corruptible garbage!! You should be ashamed! And to the person saying keep negative comments to self, keep your censorship to yourself.

  • (L)iveyourLife.

    I don’t really care what guys have to say about padded bras. I wear pushup bras for myself, not for men to give their opinion on.

  • pinkheart

    Can you have him drop his dragon pillow, my friends and I want to see his dragon, LOL!

  • dont like this shit

    I remember the beginings of this site!.NOTHING ALIKE IS NOW A DAYS!!… in a STRAIGH UNSTOPPABLE DOWNHILL way!!. Every time more stupid,more vain,more IGNORANT, and also more pathetic not to mention the fact of everytime more and more low strategies like gettign a bunch of naked men into talking sexual stupid vain bs where tons of lil girls also larks in and on!.Oh good one ! so PATHETIC

    • Moni Auraai

      Is that really nessacary? Please keep negative comments to yourself.

    • Sally

      gurl is the most pathetic peddler of terrible influence under the guise of providing information.

  • Rekembokdot

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