So, we all know that we get our periods once a month and about the cycle of our fertility and how to deal with our flows. What we don’t know is what dudes think of periods. So, Mari and Kate took to the couch to ask Dr. CoolSex’s Naked Dustin all about periods. Ready for the naked truth on periods? You better be because it’s coming at you!

What do you think about this guy’s take on periods? Has a guy ever said anything weird to you about being on your period? What would you ask one of our naked guys if you had the chance? Tell us everything in the comments!

Do Guys Like It When You Make The First Move?

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hahaha “do they have an everyone has periods book” That’s so hilarious ! He is so attractive, he’s my favourite naked guy.

  2. avatar ginaknome says:

    That is so nasty having sex while a girl is on her period….but I must admit though he’s honest but I don’t think he has really seen whats going on down there with a period. lol He looks like he’s in his 40′s. Too much hair on the chest yuck.

  3. avatar Riley says:

    I would never have sex on my period! eww

  4. avatar serenagymnast says:

    LOL he’s not naked you can see his underwear from between the popcorn bowls!

  5. avatar Lil says:

    These should seem super ackward but oddly personally it actually it is not!

  6. avatar Neko says:

    Dear Stuble Upon,

    Why… oh why did you take me here T~T

  7. avatar Meee says:

    Do they really have to be naked?:L

  8. avatar hollister11 says:

    Eww…chest hairs!

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