Jamie’s looking for an easy way to dress up her go-to party ‘do. So, she made her own headband. And of course it’s easy, awesome, and a totally perfect craft for you to make yourself. This one’s really versatile. So, you can totally customize it to your personal look. Can’t wait to see the twists you ladies come up with!

Have you ever made your own headband? What other projects do you want to see Jamie work her magic on? Tell us in the comments!

Wait?! You Can Make A Candle Out Of An ORANGE?!?

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  1. avatar Heather says:

    Love the fact that you can change what you clip to it and wear it so many different ways!

  2. avatar Grant Clifford says:

    This turned out so great!!! It looks awesome with hair like yours too! :)

  3. avatar Tiffany says:

    That is just so cool I am sure to try it.

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