Guys, dogs lead hard lives too. I know it may seem like all they do is sleep, poop and play, but that actually takes a lot of work. Sometimes they just need some time to relax and just do their thing, you know? And obviously, golf is the perfect way to just chill and have a good time.

Enter this golfing dog. He’s pretty much the cutest dog I’ve seen in a really long time. He’s also super talented: he drives a car, he’s a snappy dresser, and… well, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Watch this video for yourself and prepare to fall in love with golfing dog:

Do you wish you had a dog who could golf? What kind of dog do you want or have? Tell us in the comments!


Another super talented dog: he can sing Adele!

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  • Parker1994

    Awww how cute!!

  • Sierra

    I have a one year old dachsund-chihuahua mix named Rosie. She is mostly black, but with brown accents, and is naked on her tummy, elbows, and behind the ears. It is the strangest thing, she already has white hairs! But she is obsessed with the game fetch, going on walks, and chasing anything that moves. And she is an excellent cuddler ^.^