You’re feeling a little frisky and you know you look hot, so you snap a few pics of your sexy self and send them to your boo. You get no less than a million smiley face emoticons back. No big deal, right? Well, if those photos end up in the wrong hands, then it’s totally a big deal. If this has happened to you, you need to watch. Sara’s going to help you handle this way icky situation.

Have you ever sent a nakey pic and then regretted it? Share your story in the comments!

Need To Talk To Your Guy About Sex? Here’s How

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  • Anonymous

    I am 13 and a guy used Kik to ask for pictured of my v. He sent me a pic of his d. He tricked me into sending the pic and I am worried if this is illegal. I don’t want it to be. I told him to delete the convo and pic and I deleted the convo and app. What do I do? Is this illegal? I am very very scared and I know what I did was wrong. Please help

    • Jason

      Hey, let me try to answer to what you were saying.

      First, what you did was NOT illegal. That means, you are NOT prohibited by law to send pictures of yours to a guy. So don´t be afraid about that ok?

      What you should be more cautious about in the future is the following: whenever you share any pictures of yours with others, you must be aware that these others might not keep these pictures to themselves.

      Many girls, boys, women and men made the same mistake as you, because they were not thinking it was a bid deal. Don´t let this be something that will make you feel scared from now on – just try to become clear for yourself that what you did was not a good idea, and that you should avoid this in the future. We all make mistakes. Mistakes can help us become more aware of our actions, and more mature.


    • Officer

      Jason is absolutely wrong! It is illegal for a minor child to share sexually explicit images with anyone. The recipient could be charged with possession of child pornography. It’s a class 2 felony, and in some states, if convicted he may be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

  • nick

    What if one pic goes on google… what do u do…. is there a way to remove it…. how to check it is in google

  • Kaitlyn

    Snapchat is the perfect app for sexting. They cannot take screenshots of the picture, send it to other people. You get to choose the amount of seconds that they can see it for out of 10. If they do try and take a screenshot then you will get a notification. This is really the simplest way to do it if you’re gonna.

  • Keasha

    i sent pics to my now r exs … and they havnt gotten out cuz i make sure i know the who they r and i make sure they delete them and i only date guys tht i am friends with first but i do feel bad for ppl tht have their pics out there for everyone to see i mean tht would really suck! ppl fall under pressure all the time hell i did and yah it sux and u wish u can take it back but it all blows over life goes on

    • Sosegalil

      @Keasha Even if you trust people at the moment, they might get angry because of the break up or anything else, so you should more careful than that. Some people are all sweet and turn into cruel ones when something changes. And you cant control them. I recommend just showing photos on your own devices, not ever sending them.

  • Super.Swagger.21

    Yeah I’m 13 and a boyfriend tricked me into sending him a pic…of course he was all nice at first but I figured out he was just a douche and he sent it to all the guys. I got called a whore so many times..but I did have some friends that were really with me no matter what. It’s been about 2 weeks since I sent it and things are already starting to get better. It was a stupid thing to do, but hey. I learned my lesson, and it helped me find who my true friends who will stay with me when I fuck up are..of course I still get some comments cause it wasn’t that long ago, but things are getting better. The reason I wrote this is cause I know there’s girls out there who have made the same mistake I did. And I want all you girls that are reading this to know, life will get better! Don’t make excuses about it and move on. Sooner or later people will find some other drama to worry about

    • angeleyes

      I wish i could say i feel bad for you but i dont your 13 and your sending nudes thats disgusting i dont feel bad that you are being called a whore because maybe you are one you should be playing with dolls not sending nudes!

    • nicole

      13!! i didnt even have my first kiss till i was 15! thts insane and stupid im sorry but wow umm thts a lil to young my lil sis is tht age and i would prob beat the crap outta her if she ever did anything like tht … go play with barbies and kiss justin bieber poster’s not send pics like tht

    • Dani

      So I came across this because this has just happened to me. One evening I was bored and yeah pretty horny, so i exchanged pics with this guy i barely knew. I deleted him soon after that, and thought nothing of it. This happened like a year ago, and I hadn’t thought about it until now, when my friend called me up today and said inappropriate pics of me had been spread around school, and that everyone has seen them… I’ve just been off on a two week holiday, so i havent been to school in a while… I’m honestly really scared of going to school tomorrow, and facing everyone, cuz i’m still not quite sure just who has seen the pics… I dont want teachers or my parents to find out, and i really dont know what to do… Help? Advice? I know what i did was stupid as hell, and i regret it, but i need help on how to deal with it now and how to move forward from this… :/

  • Katie

    Well, I sent one in my bra to my ex, a year ago. And his friends went through his phone and found them, and fwded them to their phone. So eventually it got around, I got stared at, made fun of, and harrassed, even by the younger grades! But it all goes away eventually.. We all got over it, and I actually found out who my real friends are, they wouldnt leave my side no matter what.

    • jbarker609

      just dont take naked pics of your self and if you want your bf to see you naked welll u dont need a camera for that

  • ToxicDisco

    I’d never sent nude pics and I think it’s incredibly stupid to do that. That’s asking for trouble. I have zero sympathy for girls who get in trouble for this.

    • Missy

      niether have I, but some people may not do so well under pressure or persuation. also it’s whoever they’re going out with so they have some trust in that person. y’know?

  • dominique

    Okay so i sent naked pics and they got all around my school and i lost friends cause of it i promise it will blow away

    • theo

      i sent them and still do and they havent been sent around. one was shown to another girl and one girl went through my phone but thats it

  • Lokka98

    My bf tricked me into sending him pictures and I did but then he got mad because I wouldn’t send more so he left me . He showed his best friend and his best friend threatened to have sex with him or he’ll send them to the whole school and I found out they were showing pictures to people .