So I guess these Overly Attached Girlfriend videos are a thing now, and I really don’t have any problem with that. I mean, no one seems to know exactly who this girl is, but she’s kind of a genius, and her videos are hysterical. This time, she lip-syncs to a medley of different love songs, making otherwise innocent and sweet lyrics seem totally creepy and stalker-ish. Oh, and she gets a million points for the very end (hint: blinking). Watch, laugh and get a teensy bit creeped out:

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  • Erinn

    And that was me blinking O.O

    • John

      Woh. Thanks for the tip dude. I won’t get caught out like that.Moral of the story when you’re going to do sonethimg bad, check behind the drapes and sofas and under the table. Oh, and always carry a flash drive!

  • Lily

    Actually, the first song was written as a stalker song. xD

    • Semih

      Hey Mikey! Thanks for the compliment buddy.And you’re right about that Nitehawk, you have to be aware of your sidrounrungs at all times and keep that flash drive on your hip like a gun in a holster, cause you never know. LOL