Our favorite lady duo, Kate and Mari, interviewed our favorite dude duo, Ian and Anthony of Smosh.com at VidCon. And yeah, the guys are naked! It’s Ask A Naked Guy after all! Ian and Anthony give us the naked truth on girls asking them out, boners and their turn offs and turn ons. (Side note: If you’re an alien in a bikini, we have two guys to set you up with!) Did we mention Ian & Anthony got naked? Oh, we already did? Well, ok, we’re excited about it.

What’s your biggest turn off? Any sort of tropical fruit? Tell us in the comments!

Thinking of making the first move? Get the scoop on what dudes REALLY think!

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  1. avatarHannah says:

    ^^ LOL
    Who wouldn’t?!?!?!

  2. avatarAlex says:

    There not naked, they’re wearing underwear…

  3. avatarTrinity says:

    I love how Mari hosts Smoshpit Weekly and she pretends not to know the guys lol

  4. avatarEmiliana' says:

    Lol hilarious!!! I love Ian and Anthony!! They are always hilarious. What did Anthony say when Kate ask what do you call boners?

  5. avatarKagen Ngow says:

    U guys are so cool!!! AWWWWESOMMENESSS

    • avatarJuliana says:

      Ya know, I very rarely push the play butotn when I see videos loading on a site, but when I get here I hafta hit play every time I see something new. I think it’s because you actually watch the videos before posting them. Great stuff man keep it coming

  6. avatarYazmin says:

    Thats not fair, u where wearing underwear, i saw it!

  7. avatarBrenda says:

    I love both Smosh and Ask A Naked Guy, so this was pretty awesome :)

  8. avatarLOL says:

    Mari is leang in to see anthonys dick, LOL!

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