Imagine the super popular kid’s show Dora The Explorer revamped… for adults. At first it might seem kind of lame, but once you watch this “movie” trailer, you’re totally going to reconsider that thought. It weirdly sounds kind of awesome. And I would totally watch it if it were real – Ariel Winter is pretty amazing on Modern Family. Watch and let us know: would you be into a Dora The Explorer movie?

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  • Laura Bee


  • brittany

    i would defintly watch this movie, i would be hilarous

  • bfcuwebfcuw bc

    Diego is hot…

  • TakeMeHigher

    Am I the only one who noticed Diego?

  • basschick

    idk why but i find this hilarious! lol

  • Ripley

    Dora has boobs :O