Sara’s tackling a question every girl has wondered at some point—How will I know I’m ready for sex? The truth is that Sara can’t answer this question for you. You’ll only find the answer—cheese alert—within yourself. But Sara can offer you a to do list you should check off before you take the plunge into having sex for the first time. It’s a helpful guide to finding your personal answer to this super important question.

Have you already had sex? How did you know you were ready for sex? Are you still waiting? How do you think you’ll know when the time is right? Get the conversation going in the comments!

Need To Talk To Your Guy About Sex? Here’s How

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  • Yana

    I guess it depends on age.

  • Jesus

    Ok, I got a lot of answers for you girls.. When it comes down to loosing your virginity, you can have crappy sex with a young guy, when he’s just trying to figure out where he wants to stick his thumb, but if you wait till your 18 you could find a 20-24 year old that is at least mediocre, unless he is me, then it’s a completely different ball game.. For example, I won’t go down on a woman, people that lack self confidence eat pussy. That’s a sign to you that they are limited on knowledge on how to use there penis to get you to enjoy anytime, so if you dont wanna pay attention to that, then know, get on top for your first time, you can control how much you want in to make it hurt, you might even like humping the rod before letting it penetrate, I’ve found it excites and makes both partners Trimble.. And if he gets off to that he’s obviously a min dud that has no idea how to use his dick.. But a girl can get off this way too, FYI.. Four play aside, know once you get that cherry piped you become a woman, so lurn to enjoy your special gift that you have.. So have fun with sex, don’t worry about pleasing him, look to please yourself, because once you lurn how to have a little orgasm, you can move on to the wet orgasm, then squirting, then what I call the giggle squirts, the crying squirts, and so much more, just try to think of positive things. My ex wife didn’t believe In the crying squirts but i went raw dog for 15 min after she gave my dick the best she could, and when i felt her about to squirt i told her that this would be the last time i ever would fuck her, she exploded with sorrow and tryed kissing me, but i fucked the sobbing squirts outta that woman, and now i have a restraining order on my stocker. So just be careful with your goodies because once you find the greatest feeling in the world, you can loose it and never get it back again. J.C.