Okay, so apparently there is a segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon called “Ew” that I never knew about. Jimmy dresses up like a teenage girl named Sara (no H, because H’s are ew)… and this week, his special guest was Channing Tatum, dressed up as a girl as well. And while this totally made me LOL, mainly because the way they were talking was so over-the-top ridiculous, it’s also a pretty bad representation of teenage girls. I mean, does anyone actually talk like this? I don’t think so. Watch and let us know: is this funny or are you, as a really smart teen girl, a little bit offended?

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  • :)

    It’s funny and just a joke. Gurl needs to calm down and stop being so sensitive about every little thing.

  • stephanie

    this is so funny

  • misslmh11

    I wasn’t at all offended because the whole high-ditzy-teenaged girl-voice joke is pretty old. I agree with Sabrina, this is just a joke. And I honestly didn’t even laugh. Tatum is hot though 🙂

  • AlliKratt

    Jeeezy joes gurl….are you just trying to ignite a powder keg of feminism? I know several girls like this! plus, it’s a hilarious representation of the stereotype we all know, love, and perpetrate. It wasn’t offensive…can’t you just leave some things as funny bits???

  • Cadie

    I thought it was hilarious and loved it. It’s supposed to be light-hearted humor, not a documentary!

  • Jay

    Lol, I thought it was funny actually:)
    That made me laugh. It’s sopposed to be an outrageous and over exaggerated representation, it’s like any spoof or parody you watch. Its funny:P

  • Callie

    they’re just joking.. but they are annoying… it actually gives me a headache

  • Mary

    This is funny because they are exaggerating how SOME girls act. It can be funny or offensive but seriously if it was exaggerating guys would you be mad? It’s a joke calm down.

  • Sabrina

    Hilarious !! Honestly gurl.com has to stop being so sensitive. some things are just jokes

    • S0Exciited

      I agree yeesh lighten up.

  • Kira

    I doubt anyone would consider this to be an accurate representation of teenage girls, so I’m pretty sure its fine. On the other hand, it can be accurate at times, because I’ve unfortunately seen girls as dumb as this.