Who else loves the opening song in Beauty and the Beast? Everyone, right? Yeah, I thought so. Well, here’s what it would be like if Belle lived in a, um, slightly different neighborhood then her home in the south of France. The lyrics are pretty funny and definitely catchy, and now I have this tune stuck in my head. What do you think: is this totally hysterical or just kind of lame? Watch and let us know in the comments:

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  • ravenamy

    omg that was just sooo funny!!!!!

  • sarah

    aint nobody got time for dat!

  • Hannah

    that was so funny! i dont think it was offensive! sure all of the participants who were black didnt have a problem with it, so neither should we!

  • EmmyGween

    im freaking dying that was hilarious

  • Jenn

    That’s just another example of how the media is always making black people look bad. African Americans are way more intelligent than that!

  • Sarah

    That was awesome.