Grades! SAT scores! Getting into the right college! It’s enough to make any student totally stressed. And when you’re not academically inclined, the stress can be totally overwhelming and make you just want to give up. Here at Gurl, we never think giving up on school is the right choice. So, we asked Meg to come up with five ways to deal when you totally suck at school.

Are you worried about sucking at school? Do you feel a ton of pressure to get good grades? Let me know what’s going on in the comments!

Feeling Like The Odd Girl Out? Here’s How To Deal

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  • atlanta

    how do you deal with divorced parnets cuz they r driving me nuts

  • Genii

    My mom is kinda pressuring me to be extraordinary in school, and i want to be, just its pressuring and i mess up BAD . Any ideas how to deal with it or how to even study effectively ?.. ( craycray right ? )