Remember last week when we showed you the funniest/most creative Justin Bieber fan video ever? Well, since then, not only has this hilarious teen girl gotten over 6,000,000 views (!!!), but she’s also been turned into a meme… and now she’s back with another creeptastic video. This time, she’s made the words to “Call Me Maybe” super funny and stalker-ish – and we love it. Watch and let us know which was better: her Justin Bieber cover or her Carly Rae Jepsen cover?

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  • Junie

    she goes to my university lol

  • Shannon

    kudos for her creativity. & kudos for having this kind of confidence…but this is kinda creepy. >.> lol

  • Emiliana’

    Lmao, OMG, Smh. This was equally creepy, especially, when the “Kids dad” came up in the song.

  • chattiekattie


  • Morgan

    This one by far