Welcome to our first ever full episode of Ask A Naked Guy, the show where we get the naked truth on all of your love, sex, and general “Um, WHAT?” questions from dudes. Today we’re talking about making the first move. Do guys like it when girls make the first move? What’s the best way to let a dude know you’re interested? Where’s the line between being a flirty kind of forward and an icky kind of aggressive? Our inimitable hosts, Kate and Mari, turn to Dr. CoolSex’s Naked Greg for answers.

Have you ever made the first move? If you could ask one of our naked guys anything you wanted, what would you ask? Tell us in the comments!

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  • jessica cheeryl

    in love having a cliose relationship with my bofriend is very sexy when he is necket with me so much when we both have sex is very good kisser very cute he is a lot

  • serenity

    Awww his pick up line was adorable!

  • Ron

    What a dork!

  • Edward

    Wow! He had HUGE nipples!

  • Jack

    This was just BAD

  • Christina

    I’m forward so I know that this is a bit of a relief because I know that I’ve tried playing the “don;t go for it” game and it gets me nowhere

  • lina

    i make the first move but this guy make me confuse everytime i asked him out he always give positive answer. but the problem he never text me first or call always iam the one text ir call him.how do u think ? do u think he like me. when i said i miss u he will say miss me too. please help me

  • I AM A GUY

    cool beans bro

  • iluvgrapefruit

    I <3 greg!