Okay, this has to be the cutest little mini pig we’ve ever seen, hands down. I mean, you don’t always think of pigs as adorable or cuddly animals, but when they’re this tiny, that’s exactly what they are. And that noise this pig, Hamlet, makes? Too cute for words.

And not only is Hamlet adorable, but he’s also pretty much destined to be the next Olympic pig star. Watch him try to make his way down the stairs – and wait for the end, because it’s the best part.

What’s the cutest thing you’ve seen an animal do lately? Would you ever want a mini pig as a pet? Tell us in the comments!


Check out this video of ninja cat!

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  • Jada

    that was the cutest thing ever! i smiled the whole time

  • swimmy

    that was the cutest little pig in the entire world! awww… i want a pig now 🙂