The Kardashian family has done a few lip dub videos (my personal favorite is Katy Perry’s “E.T”), but this one to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” has to be their weirdest yet. It includes close-up shots of sixteen-year-old girl’s in bikinis (Kylie, Kendall and friends), Kim shaking her, um, assets in the water, Bruce Jenner slapping Kris’s butt and more. What do you think: is this totally cute? Or do you wish the Kardashian/Jenner clan would stop making these vids?

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  • Emma

    Um….was that….I don’t….WHAT?!

  • Jennifer

    Ya that wasn’t cute at all.

  • brittany

    umm this video is pretty odd and yep it’s making my eyes burn

  • Stop it please

    My eyes burn.