If you’re having regular run ins with your local mean girl, or worse, mean girls, then you know how crappy it can feel to be bullied. Meg’s here to help you out. She has tips on how to protect yourself from bullying, where to get help, and how to put the bullying in perspective. Watch and remember, this bullying won’t be forever. Take care of yourself and get the help you need.

Have you ever been bullied or are you being bullied now? How do you deal, and what do you think could help the situation? Tell us in the comments!

Don’t Fit In? Here’s How To Deal.

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  • xHeartBreaker

    Ive been bullied, all the time i am starting 10th grade this year and want to start fresh. NEW! i’M JUST AFRAID THAT EVERYTHING WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT ME!!! During last year i told lies about myself to seem cool like i smoked weed or did something bad I even sent nudes terrible right? NOW I’m not like that anymore i learned. I’m not that person i can be sarcastic alot of the times, but i’m sooooo nice to others and well I had this friend I mean she was like everything you know. A NEW BEGINING! but sense the last quatar she snapped at me hit me and called me names behind my back. People just said she was jealous and some people followered her. She was nothing but a bully. My whole class was like S A P R K or D and T they all said things behind my back but I just didnt know intell my BFF told me she said Ashly you dont know what people have been saying behind your back ive been trying to tell you but you always change the subject then she tells me she says “they have been calling you a whore fake a loser ect” I cryed screamed felt like dieing and called my mom so she can take me home. Then the conciler saw me and we talked he said well in this case just avoide them start new and ashly your not ugly okay your everything but ugly or stupid your a smart girl and you should know that those people aren’t worth it. So there it is my story.


  • Elina

    Hello meg i have a problem in my school i’ m always the girl that everybody picks on and i’ m sick of it :\ i’ we tried everything to fit in but still i think that they’re just using me and don’t want to be friends. i’ we tried being rlly nice with them because im a nice person and i don’t want to fight but nothing helps. everytime if we get along again then on the other day if i haven’t done anything to them they just hate me and don’t want to talk with me in my class there are 9 girls and none of them are my friends and i have came home a lot of times crying because of them and i can’t take it sometimes i just think how can i take this >.< but i' m afraid that if i go to an other school then nobody will accept me :\ please meg help me.


    • Anglarock

      Hii ,
      i know perfectly what you are going through me tii i was the nice girl that everyone was mean with and i was bullied a lot but i just turn my volume on , and i face all My fears and i just said no to buly . and its helping me a lot to gain self-confidance and strong perssonality no i just love my self and being me, and i dont have to fit it in scholl or wherever , i am able to face all the critics and to tell the Haters : SCrew you i know thastt really hard but to going through al that pain and torture but you know what in the end , everything gonna be alright 😉 just keep believing in who you are and do not let anyone beark you down cuz you desrve to be happy more than annyone and dont forget to turn your volmue on just like i did 🙂