Is it a big deal if you don’t want to kiss or make out with your boyfriend as much as he wants to make out with you? Well, maybe. Sara explains that this is a question of sex drive. There are some situations where you can compromise with your guy and find the right speed for cruise controlling your sex drives, but sometimes, different sex drives mean you need to pump the brakes. To find out what kind of relationship you’re in, give this a watch.

Now, Here’s What To Say When You’ve Gotta Talk About Sex

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  • Melodii

    So im 17 & ive been dating my boyfriend since i was 14 & he was 15…almost 3 years & at first everything was great & wonderfull then after a year we strarted agruing like any other couple we strarted having problems & stuff…he has made alot of mistakes & constantly making mad…also we use to see eachother everday all day long now he works & im really busy with school so we see eachother like 2 or 3 times a week for like and hour or 2 & thats been a very big change & i used to be checking everything he did all the time & calling him through out the day but now i just dont care what he does anymore i miss him but when im with him i just want to get away & i avoid kissing him it doesnt gross me out but i just dont like it anymore i really love him but i just dont know whats goin on i dont want to make out & he has noticed it and tells me i dont love him but i really do i just dont know??????

  • ziara

    I’m 17 and understand that some girls as myself don’t wanna kiss boyfriend if we just started to go out sometimes guy can’t just rush things he should be willing to wait until you are ready and if he can’t then maybe he not the one for you.. And I know some guys don’t like to Wait but they should be patient with you

  • Bree

    Heya, I’ve been dating my bf for 1 year and 4 months and we have dabbled in sexual activity without going to third base but lately….I just want to stop. I don’t want to do it anymore or even have heavy make out sessions because we never get an intimate moment where it’s just us and if we do, there’s a bad consequence. We’re both 16-17 and I’ve come to the conclusion that having one good moment isn’t worth all the drama it could cause if we got caught but he doesn’t seem to understand that though I’ve told him a BILLION times and he is always asking for kisses or if he could get a flash of my boobs or second base or making out and besides being serious about more kissing and making out, he claims he just kids about the bra and boobs stuff but he brings it up nearly every day and it makes me wonder if that’s just a cover up. But his insinstance on physical stuff makes me painfully aware how little we have to talk about or have in common and though I do love him and love to be around him when he isn’t asking for more, I’m at a loss at what to do. Is this relationship just going no where? Or is it natural to make out and kiss and I “should make a sacrifice for him because he always makes them for me”?

    • ASM

      OMG. ME TOO.

  • PonyGirl22

    I’ve been dating my bf for about a month now, the first time we kissed was at the movies and since then I just haven’t been wanting to kiss him. In my opinion he trys to kiss me way to much. But that could just be me… is not wanting to kiss him normal?

  • Gaelle

    Okay im a girl whos 15, i hv had a boyfrnd for a month now , hes very shy but today he tried kissing me and i just ddnt wnt to, i felt i wouldnt like it, is tht normal? Advice plz /:

    • Libby

      I’m in the exact same position now, just wondering what you did?

  • ashley hess

    well i have been dating him for 2months and i just dont wanna kiss him is that norml

  • LT

    Forget about them I know exactly how you feel boys hate it when girl don’t have confidence so just show /blossom and make their jaws drop

  • elle

    Hi um this isnt got to do with the video,but all my friends are going out with somebody and im the only one not..and to be quite honest i havent gone out with anyone before im only 13 ..i feel like a loser next to them because their all the time talking about their boyfriends and hooking up? Will i ever get a boyfriend because i feel like im not good enough to have one?

    • temmydee

      Aww, I’m sure you’ll find someone hun! And see the positives in being single! so many girls think that having a boyfriend magically solves all their self esteem issues and that’s not what boyfriends are for! the fact that you think that you’re not good enough may be exactly the reason why fate hasn’t thrown a man your way. You shouldn’t go into a relationship with self esteem issues because:
      1. a lot of boys get annoyed when the girl they are dating fails to see the beauty in themselves that seems to be so obvious to them. (in other word putting yourself down isn’t sexy. Although ,you are only human and you’re entitled to a few down days)
      2. it makes it easy for some boys to manipulate you if they think you’re weak!
      Most BFs want to love their girlfriends but you need to make it easy for them by loving yourself first.
      I don’t want to seem like I’m judging. I’m 16 and I’ve never had a proper boyfriend either. However, I know I have really bad confidence issues and I know that me being alone is probably the best thing right now. Girls really need to learn how to protect their hearts and rushing into a relationship when you know you’re vulnerable (however tempting it seems) CAN (not always, but often) be a recipe for heartache

      • temmydee

        oh and I forgot to mention that it’s 100% normal to feel how you’re feeling. But my point is, don’t dwell on it because you are good enough babe and you’re probably more amazing than you think! And if you do get a boyfriend at this stage, don’t expect all your insecurities to just vanish 😉

  • sarah

    kinda true LOL 🙂