As our editor said, this cover of Robyn’s song “Call Your Girlfriend” is so good, it’ll make you want to call your girlfriend, even if you don’t have one. And seriously, guys, it’s that good. These two sisters, Lennon and Maisy, are only 12 and 8-years-old, but they’re incredible singers… not to mention really adorable and total Gurl crush material. We’ve been listening to this cover all morning and knew we had to share with you guys. Watch and listen now!

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  • india celestine

    Great song

  • mon cheri

    sooo adorable ha her names lennon like john no wonder she sings

  • Amber Jones

    wow ive always dreamt of doing something like this but havent gotten there

  • B.DiDDi

    They are amazingly talented, and when they become recording artists i’ll be able to say i witnessed them before it ever happened and this is the proof!

  • dana

    Lol.That is so awsome!I love it 🙂