Okay, so you need a gift for your bestie. You’re thinking a BFF bracelet. Perfect! You want something a little more sophisticated than braiding embroidery floss, but you don’t quite have the $100 you’d need to buy one of those trendy new chain link bestie bracelets. Plus, you want it to be more personal than something you just buy. She’s your best friend, after all! Well, then why not make one of those chain link bracelets? Personal, in style, and totally affordable. Jamie’s going to show you how. Your bestie will never know how simple it was–and she’ll cherish it forever!

Have you ever made a friendship bracelet? Do you and your bestie wear friendship jewelry? What other projects do you want to see Jamie tackle? Tell us everything in the comments!

Want To Have The Cutest Nails This Summer? Jamie Shows You How!

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  • claudia_dona

    i want to make an awesome birthday card for my friend but idk how,,, ugh! i want to make it different than the others. 😉

  • Grant Clifford

    Okay! I am so buying the materials for this project TODAY and making one of these for myself! But neon pink or neon yellow???? Am I going to have to make two?? Probably.

  • Cassidy

    I love this! Definitely using this for me and my friends!!!!!!

    Oh, and Jamie is GORGEOUGSSS!! Can anyone tell me how to get her hair? lol

  • Heather

    I better be getting one of these for my next birthday! Or Christmas?? Love the idea and yet again, another super crazy cute performance!!