You know that book Fifty Shades of Grey that literally everyone cannot stop talking about? Okay, well it might be totally inappropriate, but Selena Gomez somehow manages to make it seem completely sweet and adorable in this Funny or Die parody Fifty Shades of Blue. Seriously, is there anything this girl does wrong?

Even if you’re not familiar with the book, watch the video to see Selena fall head over heels for a less-than-attractive man who is definitely not Justin Bieber

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  • Payton

    “Well for a girl who doesn’t talk at all, you fave FULL ON CREEPED ME OUT.”
    lol I died! 🙂


    I died laughing. X.x

  • Katies mommu

    Too funny.

  • Im_A_Real_gUrl

    ctfu! this was so funny! i loved it