Looking for a super cute way to store your jewelry? Well, we totally are! So, Jamie came up with maybe the cutest jewelry box of all time. It’s really a book! Creative, upcycled, and totally personalized. We love it…and Jamie! Want to learn how to make your own? Watch Jamie, girl!

Want A DIY Penguin Manicure? Jamie Shows You How!

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  • rosa

    hey jamie i love you alot and can we use a book of 400 pages because 1000 pages is more then enough so plz anwer take care of your self i love you


  • Fabiana

    Intelligence and simplicity – easy to udrenstand how you think.

  • Emily

    I love this idea and have started to do it. I have a question though, should I leave any pages uncut on the bottom of the book, or just do all of the pages?

    • Jamie

      Great question, Emily!

      You can definitely cut down to the bottom, so that your stuff rests on top of your hard cover… But I prefer the look of the paper, which also gives the objects some lift for accessibility. Leave about 20 spare pages and you should be good to go!

  • MadameAlexander

    Jamie is really helpful xD

  • Heather

    I agree that I love the bloopers!! Yet again, another super clever and creative idea! And you make it look so simple and fun, Jamie!

  • Meffy Meff

    I love me some Jamie! My favorite part of the DIY videos are the bloopers at the end. Very natural and hilarious 🙂

  • Emma-Jane

    This is cool but I wouldn’t do it because…
    1. I already have heapsssssss of boxes
    2. It would take wayyyy to long to do and I wouldn’t be bothered!

    • Jamie

      Hey Emma-Jane!

      1. What types of decorative boxes do you have? Where do you put ’em all and how do you use ’em all?!
      2. If you find a smaller book that’s only a hundred pages or so, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours, tops! Perfect to give your hands something to do while chilling out to a movie or if you had a free afternoon…

      Hopefully the next video will be more up your alley!
      Thanks for watching!!