Most of us have dealt with a broken heart. And if you haven’t yet, the sad truth is that you’ll probably be a card carrying member of the Heart Break Club soon enough. But before you curl into a corner or watch that sappy rom com again, check out Meg’s 5 tips on how to deal with a broken heart. They’ll make you feel a lot better than the plot of any Katherine Heigl movie. Guaranteed.

Have you had a broken heart? how do you help a friend when her heart is broken? Tell us everything in the comments!

Can’t Get Over Him? Here’s Solid Help That Works!

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  • Ashleigh

    My ex-boyfriend just broke up with me 2ish weeks ago. He told me I was his world, that i was all he needed, that he loved me like no one he ever dated before. He said he would give me the world. We were long distance and it made it difficult sometimes, but I always worked through it and fixed everything. He said all he ever wished for was having a future with me so he could wake up beside me every day. He broke up with me because we rarely got to talk when he started work but truthfully he didn’t try. He lied about how he couldn’t talk, he had hour long breaks and some days he would just sit around and text because he had nothing to do. After our break up I started learning somethings about him that made everything hurt so much more. For starters it took him a week or less to get over me and start dating someone new (she cheated on him), he admitted to controlling me, he apparently used me, i was just a number to him. He dated more than 45 people and is only 17… To him all of this is just in the past but i’m reminded of it every day. I want to forget him and stop hurting… how can i do this?

  • Scarlett

    I really liked this guy…and we actually dated like 3 months ago but I broke up with him because I started to like someone else. I told him to wait a month for me but when that time came he didn’t feel the same anymore. He told my friend that I meant the world to him and I crushed him when we broke up but now…..he doesn’t like me anymore and I don’t know what to do….someone please help?

    • christine.14

      i had the same thing. I dated this guy for 5 months. and i liked someone else so we broke up. this new guy seemed like he was perfect but i needed time to think who would i be better off with. and i choose the other guy. turns out he decided not to like me anymore. but i suggest you to move on. its good to try new things.

    • love

      according to me if he dont like u dont force him . relations cant be forced. its by nature. give some time relax maybe god has given u sum1 els. this is wat i can say. if u want more help join me on fb

  • Teyana

    Me and my best friend are having an argruement about me liking who I want to like. He says that what I’m feeling is a simple crush but, it STARTED as a simple crush but the more I looked at him I realized that it turned out to be something so much more…I was in love with him.So now me and him currently aren’t friends…I don’t know what to do..I love him but I want to keep him as a friend as well please help…..

  • Ta’lyiah

    I’ve been with my ex-boyfriend since 2009. We’ve been through hell and back. Literally. I’ve stayed by his side through it all. Through all the cheating, disrespecting, and the lies. I still wanted to be with him. The huge problem with our relationship we we’re long distance. But that still couldn’t or wouldn’t stop us. But things became sticky once he got in trouble with the law and we couldn’t see each other. He became real distant and I broke up with him because when you’re in a relationship you should never distant yourself from your girlfriend. I was thinking that if I broke up with him about him being distant he’d miss me and want to change for the better but nope, joke on me. He took that break up and ran with it. So now he’s in a new relationship and we just broke up 3 months ago. I still haven’t seen him since our break up and it’s killing me because I can’t stop thinking of him because I’ve became so used to him over the 3 years we were together. I’m really hurt. Like I cry to god every night begging him asking him why would he do something like this to me. Why do I have to suffer? And all my friends tell me to get over him and so on but it’s not that easy. I gave this boy everything I had. I thought he was my soulmate. I couldn’t even imagine myself with anyone besides him. So all of this is bittersweet. I have never been so heartbroken in my life. And despite him moving on and all he doesn’t even call me to even say hi. I mean if he really loved me why would he do this to me. I don’t even know where to begin to move on. I just wish things would have been different between us. I hate to see him with someone else. This shit killing me. I mean I never saw this coming so it’s just so hard but right now I need to know how to face the fact that he doesn’t want me anymore and move on. But I can’t stop thinking of him, thinking of our memories and staring at all the pictures we took. It’s just so hard to erase the only person that meant something to me away.

    • Albert

      You are killing yourself for nothing, dia. he didnt love you. true love sticks around at all times, is patient, faithful. If hes in a new relationship, then he got what he wanted in you. pliz, there is a bigger life ahead of you and there are guys who would still fall for you. just open up your heart to joy, laughter happiness, find something to cheer you up. visit friends, stop being n lonely places.

  • Mmabatho

    I don’t think you really need that man,he is selfish and stupid.My comment to you is to leave the man because one of the bad days he will bring diseases to you,you die young and you will not see your child when he is growing up.My advice sweetie leave the busted alone.

  • amAnda

    My fiance is cheating on me I have a 6 months old son and he made the girlfriend pregnent.

    • graham

      then thats one stupid fiance.

  • Lara

    I have had at least my share of heartbreaks, possibly an extra helping or so. 🙂 My number one way to deal is self-improvement. This serves several purposes; it keeps my mind occupied, it helps me self-indulge because I’m thinking about me, and it gets me feeling positive about myself and my future.

    Here are two links from my blog that illustrate this idea:
    some easy heartbreak tips –
    self-improvement and looking forward to moving on –