This just might be the coolest thing we’ve ever seen a dog do. On Britain’s Got Talent, a girl and her adorably puppy pulled off an amazing Mission Impossible themed stunt – and we don’t know the results of the show, but they totally should have won. Just sayin’. Also, can she come train my dog to do the same thing?


What’s the coolest trick you’ve ever seen a dog do? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  • Alexis

    This is still me, I just didn’t write all I wanted to. I have been caelld a lesbian though. I’ve been caelld a lesbian, bi, and people used to say I looked like a guy .. fun times, fun times. Not!

  • Morgan

    On America’s Got Talent, I saw a dog performance with multiple dogs and the finale of their audition was a dog doing 10 back flips that was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, but this is also very amazing and entertaining, I’m glad she won. I can only imagine all the time and effort it took to train that gos to do all of those things

  • Emma

    They did win (: x

    • Karthisha


  • Em

    that is so cute!!!! He is AMAZING!!!

  • Izzy

    The dog did win…but you should have heard Jonathan and Charlotte. I can’t believe they let a dog win over them. I love the dog and it is quite good but Jonathan has such a beautiful voice, it wasn’t fair for the dog to win £500,000 which I’m sure is a lot of US dollars.