Losing your virginity is a big effing deal. It’s not something you should lose your mind stressing over, but there are lots of elements of dropping the V-card that you need to think about. Sara’s tackling a big one here. Should you tell the guy that you’re a virgin? Does he need to know that you’ve never had sex? The truth is that this is a big decision and it’s really up to you. Sara has some tips to help you figure out if spilling the virginity beans is right for you or not. Her bet is that most guys are going to be totally relieved when you share the V-news and we have to agree. Watch and see if you do too.

If you’ve never had sex, would you tell your boyfriend? Do you think your V-card is anybody’s business but yours? Tell use everything in the comments!

Once You’re Ready, It’s Time To Think Protection!

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  • pumpkin 70

    im 43years old .im still a virgin . and ive met a great guy hes 41years old he hasnt been with a women for 4 years .but we really do love one other . i just hope i turn him on .since his sex drive went away after his 2 open heart surgerys

  • pumpkin 70

    im 43 yers old and im still a virgin..i have met a guy .and we are palnning on having sex.at 1st when i told him he didnt beleive .but hes really sweet he said if im not ready hes not pushing me.

  • anonymoue

    birth date for me,not realy important.however,if you believe in waiting for that special someone,then sex should be out of the picture until you are sure you are with the one you want to stay with.however,some people such as myself did not want a special person in my life,so,i remained a celebate my entire life.this was a serious decision on my part.to hold true to ones vertues takes heart and courage.you can still fall in love,but be sure that for you’r peace of mind until you are ready,stay precous to you’rself.

  • Ben

    Virginity is a very sacred thing, but many people take it lightly. To a boy or a girl it is as important. Before losing your virginity, people should think deeply that this person is a soul mate or not. And secondly, is he/ she also virgins as to you. Because if it is not, his/ her virginity loses to someone easily. What will make you be something special than the first one or many one before you. In a physical term, it is not “clean” to have different dirty orgasm or virus attached. Be cautious. A girl should “investigate” a boy background as much before married or sex. Otherwise, you regret yourself when the next good guy standby to you. And nothin goes.

    • Peyton

      Exactly take time to think find that one special guy

  • maidenjourney

    Good advice! Really appreciated that!

  • Emma-Jean

    theres this boy that likes me and i like him to so out of the blue he asked me if i was a virgin and i said why do u wanna know he said hahah i dont know then i said r u a virgin he said no so i was like so u r not u actually done it before he said yea so i said thats cool and so u really wanna know he said yea so i said sure i am and he said cool thats nice then after that he had not talked to him so he is mad at me cuz i am a virgin and he is not

  • Yacek

    well i am 15 dating a 17 year old (but we’re alcautly only 1 year, 4 months apart. He just turned 17 two weeks ago and I’ll be 16 in 3 1/2 months.)but anyways, i agree with the maturity part COMPLETELY.as for 4 years age difference, if your parents are okay with it id say you’re okay. BUT, do not have sex with him! even if you trust him, are completely in love with him, etc. if anyone ever finds out he’s going to jail.so if you care about him, dont ^ Was this answer helpful?

  • Becca

    hahaha well I totally did what it said not to do in the video, “don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a steamy makeout session to tell him you’re a virgin”, I did and while he was like “…wait, what?..” he got over it in like ten seconds and we had sex

  • Taylor

    Okay so i feel like a slut i reasently lost my v-card a little while ago and guess wat it was too an 18 year old guy in a forest

    • Peyton

      And how old r u?!? The forest is NEVER a good place to lose ur v-card
      there could be rapist out there girl get ur mind right!

  • strawberrykittyx3

    It shouldn’t matter if you’re a virgin. So you’re obviously not an adult film star. If he cares, he’s not gonna like you any less.