Has anyone else realized that bathroom emergencies usually happen at the worst time ever? Like when you’re on a first date with a cute dude, or when you’re on vacation sharing a bathroom with 15 family members… or, you know, when you’re doing an interview on national TV. Oh, that last one has never happened to you?

Well, it happened to this adorable little girl, Emmelyn Roettger, who is the youngest US member of Mensa (a high IQ society). She really, really had to poop, and even The Today Show wasn’t going to stop her. This cute/funny video is just proof that no matter how smart you are, or where you are, bathroom emergencies happen to all of us:

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  • chelsea

    Well someone needs to use the potty

  • becky

    haha! i saw this too, she was so cute and I felt so bad, they should have cut to commercial much sooner! poor thing