Just when you thought Pikachu, probably the most famous Pokemon character ever, couldn’t get any cuter… you see him in real-life form. Watch these two adorable dudes go on the hunt for a real, live Pikachu. Spoiler alert: they find him. And he wins at life.


Are you a Pokemon fan? What’s your favorite character? Tell us in the comments!


Watch the smartest cat ever solve a magic trick

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  1. avatar Johanna says:

    It wont work on my laptop… :(

  2. avatar curious12 says:

    oh my gosh he is so adorable where can i find one he’s so cute he’s as adorable as my beenie boos ( i may be 12 but they’re fun to collect

  3. avatar Parker1994 says:

    That was the cutest thing ever

  4. avatar Katherine says:

    l. o. l. hilarious. “Omg, did u c that?! a pokeball! AH!” lol

  5. avatar jessie says:

    love this video cute cat

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